March of the Penguins

This year's new event:

The March of the Penguins!!!

* Wingsuit ONLY boogie
* 9 days of Awesome wingsuit flying
* 125 Slots
* NO Freefly/FS
* Registration opens Friday 19th, 21:00 GMT+1
* High Quality, High Skills LO's
* Wednesday, Resting and Sightseeing day
* Click here for more information by the facebookpage

In the days directly before the event there is a big open PPC Event & Training Camp

The 2 weeks after the boogie Finflock 2017 (Finland) and Flanders Boogie (Belgium) will all line up exactly for a huge 3,5 week tour of EU for those coming from far.

Jarno Cordia
Stephane Zun
Benoit Syben
Andreea Olea
Scotty Paterson
Darren Burke
Sami Sucksdorf
Jack Rolliston
Pilvi Juvonen
Tamsyn Snyman
Laurens Fodisch
Thijs DeSchepper
Fokke vd Werf